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See what it’s like to be part of the GetCre8ive team and what we do outside our work hours.

GetCre8ive’s 12th Anniversary

The #ATeam got together for its 12th year anniversary last May 10, 2022 at Santa Rosa, Laguna. They shared fun and colorful activities, amazingly good food, and great vibes all around. The get-together ended with a collaborative mural painting that was led by local artist, Michael Medilo.


R E A D   T H E   B L O G

GetCre8ive #ATeam Building

The GetCre8ive #ATeam went on a much anticipated team building last October 28-29, 2022, the first time in a long while to meet up in person since switching to a fully remote set up. It was a weekend full of workshops, games, learnings, and aligning on what is at the core of our mission: to #InspireInnovation.


R E A D   T H E   B L O G

Year-End Pajama Party

With tons of wins to be grateful for this 2022, GetCre8ive celebrated it with family and friends at a pajama party in Technopark Hotel in Laguna. The day was spent with lots of games, raffles, food, and wise words from the company’s leaders. At the event, the team also launched its online Employee Hub.


V I E W   P H O T O S

Partner Events

Collaborating is what we love to do and we do it best through events with our partners. Check them out below!

Adobe Partner Enablement

Last October, the team joined VST-ECS in its first face-to-face Adobe Partner Enablement event of 2022. The team came in full force today, pumped to hear updates on Adobe’s products, especially Adobe launching its “First Year Free” unlimited Adobe Stock for CC Pro customers in the Philippines.


V I E W   P H O T O S


GetCre8ive joined INBOUND both virtually online and physically at the Boston Convention Center last September 6-9, 2022. We were able to connect with HubSpotters from around the world and even interview key faces like fellow Filipino Black@INBOUND founder, Devyn Bellamy, and HubSpot’s own CTO, Dharmesh Shah.


W A T C H   T H E   W R A P - U P

2022 Strengths Philippines Conference

GetCre8ive joined and sponsored Strengths Philippines in the largest community-led Strengths Conference in the world, Last October 21-22, 2022. The conference was packed with multiple online sessions about thriving with your Strengths in leadership, business, and community action.


V I E W   T H E   P A G E

GetCre8ive-Led Events

Beyond getting the sales, what matters in GetCre8ive is that we also provide value for our customers throughout their journey. Check out the events we've created especially for you! for Edu: Empowering Education with Efficiency

This immersive event is designed to introduce you to the remarkable potential of in the realm of education. A gathering of educators, administrators, technology enthusiasts, and forward-thinking leaders, this dynamic occasion aims to uncover how can reshape educational processes, optimize workflows, and foster enhanced collaboration within academic institutions.


The Design Fundamentals

Learn about good design and how it can boost your customer engagement through communication strategies. Discover the purpose of good design in effective communication as well as the basic principles of good design with GetCre8ive’s Design Guru, Samantha Lumang.


W A T C H   H E R E

Get A Grip: An EOS Event for Entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneurial Operating System® is a complete system that help leaders better prepare for obstacles and opportunities, solve issues at the root, and gain more traction in the company. In this online event last June 3, 2021, Ia shared how EOS can help companies get better at vision, traction, and being a healthy team.


W A T C H   H E R E

Upcoming Events

What’s in store for GetCre8ive this year? Find out more about our future events below and register while you still can!


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